Flo Chambers posted on November 16, 2018
Only met Tim one time at the car wash when I went to wash my car He drove my car thru the car wash for me when I was afraid to try it and told me anytime I wanted to wash my car he would carry it thru if he was there !! Very nice person !! Was shocked to hear, I know Chris is going to miss him

Amber carthen posted on November 16, 2018
Tim was my father I regret not forgiving him n not getting 2 kno him. He was not there growing up n it's had a big impact on my life I was told that he was a very good man with a kind heart and would help anybody in need I regret that I never had the chance to know him like I would have wanted to rest in peace dad I love you and I forgive you thank you Taylor Humphries for your condolences and Chris Mooney my dads boss

Taylor Humphries posted on November 13, 2018
Tim was a great person whom will be deeply missed. His great grand son Brayden is completely heart broken and can't understand how he seen him Friday and he's gone to heaven Saturday. Tim stepped up in so many ways when he didnt have to he loved and adored my children and spoiled them rotten. We haven't always seen eye to eye things but one things for sure he was always been there for me and my family and viscera. Tim would give the shirt off his back to someone in need we love and miss you Tim I know you are dancing in heaven with memaw but I can't help but to me selfish wanting you here with us. I'm glad your not suffering anymore and your at peace for inturnity. You will always live on in our hearts

Amber carthen posted on November 12, 2018
I didn't know my father that well at all we had a not so good relationship but I forgive him and I want to get 2 kno my family rip dad I forgive u 4 everything .

Amber carthen posted on November 12, 2018
Timothy carthen was my father I didn't know him very well at all but my heart is distraught over his death. We didn't have the best relationship but I forgive him nonetheless. Rest in peace dad. I forgive u and I pray for our family in this heart breaking time

Jeannie Stone posted on November 12, 2018
Really enjoyed working with Tim. He was a great person and friend. My grand daughter thought the world of him. She would call him Big Foot and he called her Little Foot. He will be greatly missed.

Chris Mooney posted on November 11, 2018
Tim was a great person as well as a great employee. He would take upon himself to go beyond the call of duty on a regular basis for not only his duties at work, but in his personal time. Tim did many favors for folks in his neighborhood and genuinely enjoyed doing so. Great guy, gonna miss you.