cheryl (jody) posted on September 7, 2010
dear rex you were one of the first people I met when I got here from calif. I'll always remember the new years eve party you took me to when I was living over on guthrie in 1966. I'll always remember your kindness to a stranger and will miss you something terrible. Jody

Terri Spence posted on August 2, 2010
Will miss and always remember you

Anonymous posted on July 7, 2010
those old snoots back in the old days at Southern High School wanted to go to Rex's store but they were to high and mighty I remember the old days and hanging out with real friends and Sexie Rexie was a good man My prayers to the family God Bless You Sexie Rexie

Jillian & Todd Shipley posted on July 7, 2010
We have only known you for a few years, but you surely made a lasting impression on us and we will miss you dearly Rexy!! RIP and you will never be forgotten!!!

Janice posted on July 6, 2010
You lived life by the seat of your pants. Anyone who ever got the chance to met you either loved ya or hated ya(most likely cause they were jeolous).I always thought you were the life of any party or night club. Ride on but you will be missed!

angie chandler jernigan posted on July 6, 2010
Wow, we have lost ICON of Durham, not to mention my childhood....grew up on Ellis Rd and received a Diploma from Rex's Poolhall, graduated with straight A's in skipping, phoos ball and pool. Many memories in that small brick building.....You will be missed my Man!!!!!

Adam&SweetpeaHolder posted on July 6, 2010
I remember all skipping school and going 2 the old store,drinking,shooting pool and doing all the things I wasen't suppose 2 do! He will b truely missed @ Bralies! RIP

Butch Gooch posted on July 6, 2010
Back in the 80's my Wife Susan,Kaylin,Rex and I all took a ride in his ElCamino. Rex let me drive and told me to go ..Go! that Car would Fly. We had a Blast that day. I'll surely miss Rex a lot.

Mandy Cannady posted on July 6, 2010
I met Sexy back in the early 80's when I worked @ the Top Hat Bar and Grill, he use to come in and eat, drink a cold one, If i was there alone he would stay until I closed and make sure I got home safe!!! He was a good friend and he will be missed. RIP MY FRIEND ( ; MC

Susan Roberts Gooch posted on July 6, 2010
Feels like the end of an era. I always had fun when I was around Rex or hanging out at his station. He was a good friend and I will always remember him. Thanks for the memories, Rex!God bless and condolences to the family.~SRG~

jimmy owen posted on July 6, 2010

Lisa posted on July 6, 2010
A Durham Icon lost. RIP Sexy Rexy.

Teresa Holloman posted on July 6, 2010
We have lost two of Durhams Icons. Redman and Sexie Rexie. Prayers to Fred's family and friends.

Wendy Dixon posted on July 6, 2010
RIP Sexie Rexie...Gone, but NEVER forgotten!!

Angie Clarke posted on July 6, 2010
WOW, what can you say about Durham's Icon? He was known personally or through another no matter where you went. He lived life by his own standards and his own wisdom. All who knew him had a story to tell and will have memories to last a lifetime. You will surely be missed. May you be where are at peace and no matter what I'm sure you're running things your way. What an icon, we all love you.

donna posted on July 5, 2010
So sad,what is there to say,I will miss U just doesn't seem enough. U were a great friend.The best! I know u will have fun where u are. Our world is a bit grayer without your pretty face around to cheer things up. RIP-MY FRIEND/ LTR-RTL

Kojak posted on July 5, 2010
known you since I was a kid. I will miss your words of wisdom. Rest in peace.

Jerry Robinette posted on July 5, 2010
Sorry to learn that Sexie Rexie has left us. Had not seen him for many years but will definitely never forget him.

Linda Kimball posted on July 5, 2010
Rex, what can I say...RIP but you never could be still long enough to rest. You leave behind a legend and will surely be missed by many. Linda Kimball

judy posted on July 5, 2010
he is a local icon and I will never forget him. judy,sharon,glenda,cathy,

TIM CASH S.R./ DYANN GEORGE posted on July 5, 2010

judy posted on July 5, 2010
he is a local icon and I will never forget him.

Kojak DaveWheeler posted on July 5, 2010
You live on in our memories forever. Rest in peace

Beverly posted on July 5, 2010
Condolences to the family. Rex was alot of fun to be around. He was definitely a special friend to many. RIP, Rex.

Jeanae Fox (Foxy) posted on July 5, 2010
You have been a dear, dear friend to me, I will miss you oh so much, you can finally get some rest now, I will always have you with me in my heart, Love you so much, FOXY

Euddy / Pam posted on July 5, 2010
I've know him and loved him for 45 years and will miss him for many many more and love all of ya'll too. Love Pam Bullock

Doc Hamm posted on July 5, 2010
Tommy and family,With the news of the passing of Rex, it occurred to me that I have known him approximately 50 years.Although we had little in common other than some mutual friends, I think to say that he was unique, interesting and at times perplexing, could be an understatement.For the last 40 years or so, I saw him rarely, generally at a Ben Knowles pig picking or other such occasion. From my perspective, for good or bad, Rex lived life his way no matter the consequences. It is a rare thing to see someone so unimpressed with the advice and opinions of others. Rarer still that they could happily make it for 73 years. Without a doubt, he was the master of non-conformity.He will be affectionately missed by a lot of people and not so affectionately missed by a few. Either way, I'm betting Rex couldn't care less.I count myself among those who will affectionately miss him and remember him with a smile.With my condolences, Doc Hamm

Vic posted on July 5, 2010
Rex you've been such a big part of my life for so long I just can't believe I'll never see you again. I had some of the most fun and best times of my life with you and you are riding with me in my heart forever. I will always love you and will miss you forever. Every White Russian I drink from now on will be to you and our very special lifetime friendship. RIP Vic

Chigger and Cookie Woods posted on July 5, 2010
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Ronald Rex Herndon. God be with you during this time of sorrow and the days ahead.

Marti & Mike Ellis posted on July 5, 2010
Rex--You were definitely one-of-a-kind person, but you were a GREAT person in this life here on earth. You have many bike-riding friends left here on earth, but we'll all think of you on our rides. Rest in Peace, Rex. - Marti & Mike Ellis

crazy scary mary posted on July 5, 2010
Rex was an amazing man. my sis used to run with him and thats how i met him. i started hanging around him as a child and then ran into him 10 years ago. he gave me a place to stay when i had no where else to go. rex would use his feet to stop his bike. he would scare me. i will miss but hes in the sky riding. so rex ride on ride on. you were real and you were a good friend..

Glenn Pendergrass posted on July 5, 2010
My cousin Marty introduced me to Rex in 1973… one of the coolest dudes I’d ever met. But… I felt like I all ready knew him from listening to my Mom and Dad (Pat Norris and “Country” Pendergrass). They remembered him from school fondly. Our family condolences. Glenn

Karen Strickland posted on July 5, 2010
You were the best landlord we ever had. And a very good friend.You will be greatly missed.

patsy lloyd posted on July 5, 2010
to a one of a kind person and a longtime friend that will be greatly missed.Patsy lloyd & jack allen

Jennie posted on July 5, 2010
Oh will truly be missed. I used to run into you everywhere...go to a club, you were there, go to the beach, you were would show up just about everywhere!! Go rest with the other Harley Riders in the sky Rex...we'll be seeing you later....Carolyn Sue James Logner andJennie Logner

sharon posted on July 5, 2010
We will miss you Sexie Rex! Loved your smile and laugh. You were always a lot of fun to be around!! God Bless You!

Kaylin McGee posted on July 5, 2010
Oh, my dearly-loved Sexy Rexy, all these crazy years that passed between us, and we still could share a funny or two! You shall be missed, my friend - carry on, carry on - never let the mainstream push you along - go your own way and laugh loudly, laugh strong. Love always, KDM

duffy posted on July 5, 2010
it seems the older i get the more i pick up a paper and see someones name i know. rip rex.

Terri posted on July 1, 2010
A man that touched many people in many ways but one thing you could always say is that Sexy Rex was always Sexy Rex no matter who came into his life, a person that would not think twice about stopping and having a short chat with you with a smile. Thank you for being a friend that I will always remember. RIP Sexy Rex.............

Tater posted on July 1, 2010
As a high school girl hanging out at the store you always new you were safe.Even after years passed and I would see Rex and you never new where that would be, concert, bar, Emerald Club in EI, Walmart he always spoke. He always did it his way. Ride on Sexie Rexie