Thomas ( AL) Brown posted on May 21, 2019
Many years we shared living life to the fullest . I will never forget you and loved you as a Brother . I just found out today as I am far away from Durham .I'm right behind you as we all will follow . I know you're at peace. I will see you again .

Adam Dickerson posted on January 23, 2019
I just found out today and my heart is so sad. I love you Billy, you looked out for me so much when I was growing up. Billy was such a joy to be around with his big laugh.Billy always called me "Cartwright". I am praying for the family.

Steve Appel posted on December 4, 2018
Billy was always there for me when I needed him. We too had alot of great times and he was always the life of the party. Roger R., Ollie L., David J. and myself hang gliding at LookOut Mtn. Tenn. What a great guy to be around and a true free spirit. Condolences to all the family. May God bless and have mercy on his soul. RIP

Carrie Laughter posted on December 4, 2018
My heart is broken. I’m saddened that I can’t hear you sing “Swing low sweet chariot” again, but I know you saw the band of angles coming forth to cary you home. You were so much more than you ever believed you were.

Gary ( Whitey ) Hedrick posted on December 4, 2018
Billy you'll certainly be missed. You are certainly a true friend, even a brother. Going to miss you more than you'll ever know.

Kathy Faulkner Matheson posted on December 4, 2018
Denise and Sandra, Many memories of growing up include Billy! I am just so sorry for your loss. Many prayers and hugs are being sent your way.

Roger rigsbee posted on December 4, 2018
Billy , we hd more good times than can ever be remembered. From your dad taking us to church basketball games, to hitchhiking to key west, Florida to rescue david j. Ha, ha!. Going hang gliding at kill devil hills, trips to the mountains , deep sea fishing all on David's dime , trip to Atlantic city, just so many wonderful times through the years that pass much too quickly. And so many musical concerts and events. And yes we fought and argued like true brothers. Billy , I will remember and love you as a true friend for the rest of my days!!! RIP

Ruth L. Collins posted on December 4, 2018
Denise and Sandra, was so sorry to read of Billy's death. Thoughts are with the family!

Ruth L. Collins posted on December 4, 2018
Denise and Sandra, I am so sorry to read that Billy has died. Deepest Sympathy to family and friends.