Colleen Schweickert posted on July 6, 2010
I only had the pleasure of visiting CC a couple of times, but he, like the rest of his loving family welcomed me as family.The love and concern that was and still is shown for my mom, Anne means more than you know. What a wonderful example of lives lived for Christ all of you are! Thank you for your love and generosity CC and the whole Lynn family.

Bob Hinton posted on July 6, 2010
C.C., You were a kind and good friend to mother (Nora) while you were both able to get around. i know you shared some good times together and now maybe you can catch up She loved for you to come by and see her and to take rides in your van. I know you have struggled these past few years. May you finally rest in peace. God Bless!

Sandy Watkins posted on July 6, 2010
Rest In Peace, cousin. Your days of toiling are over. We know you are happy to be reunited with your family in Heaven, and Our Lord is surely happy to have one more of his children in his arms again. You will be missed.

Vivian posted on July 5, 2010
CC was a true hero in every sense of the word. He would bring me magazines and little things that he received in the mail. He brought me some little Christmas thumb tacks and I use them every Christmas.He was one of my cherished clients at the bank where I used to work.

Misty posted on July 3, 2010
My family memory of Uncle C.C. is always having interesting stories to tell about his sibilings. I cherish my family name LYNN and value that we are a close nit family. Uncle C.C. living just makes me miss the others whom have preceded him all the more. I look forward to being with them in heaven.

marc and savon lynn posted on July 3, 2010
CC will be sorely missed. A war hero. A joker and card. A hardworking man that took nothing off anyone yet felt for everyone. Durham Counties John Wayne is gone but not forgotten. Rest easy with all of your brothers and sisters. Rest easy with your mother and father. No one worked or served harder.