Rob White posted on May 6, 2010
We miss Harry and Doris as neighbors on Banbury Rd in Baltimore. Harry was a wonderful guy and was always working on some project around the house. I have a vivid memory of walking outside one day and seeing him up on the roof reaching high above him to clean the gutters. He was at least 85 at the time. He didn't think anything of it.

Emma White posted on May 6, 2010
Mr. Harry & Ms. Dorris were such wonderful neighbors when they lived here in Towson . I'll never forget when Mr. Harry helped me with a project in the second grade. We had to show magnetic pull, so he and I built a kind of horse race w/horse figurines. It was so cool. He was such a kind and helpful person and will be greatly missed here on Banbury.

Retsy posted on May 6, 2010
Harry was a wonderful man, a great neighbor, and an inspiration to hisneighbors in Baltimore. And how heloved his wife, Doris. They had a veryspecial bond. I feel lucky to have knownHarry and he will be greatly missed.